Project in progress (2021)

“In poetry, we pare down our thoughts into their most graceful shapes, like minimalist sculptures “ Patricia Robin Woodruff

 “Paper thoughts” … 2021, was still pandemic, so I’ve spent most of my time at home, rarely leaving the flat and that’s why I start noticing how quickly my basket for recycling paper filled up. It’s impressive how many paper products we use daily: baking paper, wrapping paper, napkins, kitchen towels, grocery bags, and the list goes on and on. Although paper is easily and widely recycled nowadays, the quantities produced are still far away from ideal. So I decided to not only “recycle”, but also “re-use” my paper waste in a creative way: express my thoughts using paper as my main photo subject and turn it into a piece of art. Think of it as a kind of photographic upcycling which gives paper waste a new life. Upcycling requires a strong imagination: you have to be able to look at an item as it is now and see past that, imagining what it can be in the future.