About. Still life photographer London


   Marina Tsaregorodtseva is a Still life and Portrait Photographer who currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom. She was born in Russia. Her way to photography was nonlinear. She completed a degree in accounting and finance in 2000. Relocated to the UK in 2009 through the work transfer.

    Moving to another country had a huge impact on her life: loneliness, inability to share experiences and impressions with close family kind of forced her to restrain personal feelings. This is how she came to photography a few years ago. Largely, she is self-taught — started taking photos for her own pleasure, soon it became her choice of expression. “A vision can come from a sight, a memory, a feeling, it always turns into a path, breaching out through the core of our certitudes”.  

   The photographer is interested in the relation between ordinary objects and how they are perceived. She is creating a new meaning by taking cues from fine art, abstract forms, texture, light and shadows.  Through her photographs she attempts to  engage a spectator in  extracting the hidden beauty found in natural and manmade environments.

 Her works were shown in international group exhibitions.